• CUTEX 2022
    Chlorine free cutting oil, which can be used for easy to moderate machining work on non-ferrous and light metals, as well as for the conventional free-cutting steel grades. This lubricant is formulated with compounded EP-dopes and film strengtheners and can be a substitute for many chlorine containing grades.

  • CUTEX 3022 & 3046
    Chlorine free cutting oil which can be used for machining all grades of steel. This lubricant is formulated with compounded EP-dopes and film strengtheners and is a full substitute for many chlorinated cutting oils. Cutex 3022 is suitable for machining work such as turning, drilling and milling on all grades of steel Cutex 3022 is not suitable for non-ferrous metals. For operations on non-ferrous metals our Cutex 2022 is recommended.

    Non-emulsifiable oils for H.D. form, crush and thread grinding, the grinding of ball bearing races, straight or spiral fluted taps, end mills, thread chasers, threaded parts, twist drill flutes, worm, helical and spur gears, etc. Applicable to any other form, crush or thread grinding operation on high Rockwell steel.

  • EMULSOL 4020
    Mixes readily with water and produces a stable white emulsion. Efficient and economical cooling and lubricating medium for turning, milling, drilling and other metalworking operations on ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Excellent grinding coolant. Product needs to be stored frost proof.

    Biostable, fully synthetic, concentrated water soluble metalworking fluid, which does not contain nitrite, nitrate or mineral oil. An outstanding coolant for universal application of all ferrous material. It forms stable, transparent solutions in both hard and soft water and is inhibited against bacteria growth.

    Biostable, di-ethanolamine free emulsifying half synthetic metalworking fluid, which forms in water a transparent micro-emulsion.
    Gives excellent results on all chip removal operations as turning, milling and drilling. Suitable for use on ferrous and non-ferrous, stainless steel alloys, cast iron and aluminium.