Paraffinic non-inhibited hydraulic oils with high viscosity index. Recommended where an oil of high quality for hydraulic systems is required.
    DIN 51524 H
    • HYDAR HL
      Solvent refined paraffinic base oils. High resistance to ageing. Very low Conradson carbon. Good water demulsibility and very low foaming. High viscosity index and corrosion resistance. Recommended for pumps and compressors. Suitable for steam and water turbines, for hydraulic systems and long-life lubrication of bearings.
      DIN 51524 HL

      Hydraulic oil of superior quality with very high viscosity index and optimum anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-wear characteristics. Very low pour point. For systems operating under very severe conditions such as tractors, mining equipment, etc. Also for hydraulic equipment exposed to wide variations in temperature.
      DIN 51524 part 3 HVLP

    • BIOVIS
      Biodegradable hydraulic oil with excellent anti-wear properties. High viscosity index. Based on vegetable oils. For hydraulic equipment where leaks can spoil groundwater or enter sewerage systems.
      DIN 51524 part 3 HLP / ISO 46