Paraffinic rubber process oils with high viscosity index, high flash point. Well balanced viscosity gravity constant, refractive index, intercept and hydrocarbon composition. Offer excellent stability and low temperature properties to rubber compounds. Have a low aromatic content and offer the best colour stability. Will stain the least. Used where high vulcanization temperatures prevail.

  • AREX
    Aromatic rubber process oil with low viscosity index. Compatible with natural rubber, butadiene styrene polymers and neoprene. Easy to process during milling, mixing and extruding operations. Also most economical. Used where staining is not a problem and chiefly in tires and coloured mechanical goods.

    Light coloured naphthenic type oils, non-staining, of which the colour producing compounds have been minimized. The aromatic fraction has been purified by special selective refining methods. Offer excellent initial colour and colour stability to heat and light.