High quality, viscometrically and thermally stable, GM Dexron III-G type automatic transmission fluid, for many passenger cars, vans and (light) truck and bus transmissions. Meets Ford Mercon, Allison C-4 and Mercedes-Benz sheet ATF requirements, as well as Voith torque converter lube prescriptions. (Dexron III-G, Mercon 940209, Allison C-4 20952194, MB Blatt 236.9 and Voith G-607).
  • ATF MP
  • ATF D
    ATF MP is a universal ATF with former "Dexron II qualification". ZF TE-ML, Allison C-4, Ford M2C 166H/138CJ. MB 236.6 approved. For use in Caterpillar gearboxes, MB Ford, Voith and in some heavy industrial and marine transmission systems. ATF D is meeting GM 6137M.