Oxidation, anti-rust and corrosion inhibited oils, compounded with special additives to reduce leakage and wear. Excellent anti-foam and water separation capabilities and film strength. For very leaky systems as well as for general lubrication. For cables, open gears operating under moderate conditions, chains, gears of weaving looms. Excellent tackiness.
    • BIOTAC
      Biodegradable chain saw oil with excellent lubricating-, tackiness- and wear-reducing properties. Based on vegetable oils. For chain lubrication of motorized saw equipment. Especially recommended where spilling in nature is likely or unavoidable.
      ISO VG 46

    • TOLUWA W
      High quality oils with additives to eliminate "stick-slip" of tables and scouring of machine tool ways. Non-corrosive with metal wetting, E.P. and adhesive characteristics.

    • TOLUWA H
      Formulated from selected base stocks and special additives to ensure trouble-free hydraulic system operation, smooth table motion, oil-film maintenance, protection of motor and pump. Recommended for machine tool application requiring a dual purpose hydraulic way oil. Typically for milling machines, vertical and horizontal type boring mills, grinders, shapers and other hydraulically operated machine tools using slideways.

    • LUTEX
      Specially designed for general purpose lubricants in the textile industry and used in the bearings, gears, cams, etc. They wash out easily if stained the cloth. They lubricate perfectly, even under difficult conditions and provide an adherence and detaching effect, even after a prolonged period before dyeing.

    • GIREX
      Extreme pressure lubricant with high viscosity index. Separates quickly from water and has excellent anti-foam characteristics. For industrial gear applications such as worm, spiral-bevel and non-hypoid gears.
      API GL-2 / GL-3